I had a little time before I went off to meet my pal for some lunch, so I thought I would get some pictures of today’s outfit!

These H&M jeans are not at all my style – skin tight skinnies, generally – but I love them! They are slightly different which is something I’m always into.

My trusty BooHoo bodysuit has made many outfits this summer- I especially love the open back.

These Very shoes made their debut yesterday. They made me feel so much more summery.

Accessories-wise, I tend to just grab whatever’s closest. This anklet was purchased from Camden Market, just a couple of days ago so I was keen to show it off. My Monki glasses have been living in my bag this entire Summer, and boy, have they been needed! The Fiorelli bag was a recent treat- again, it isn’t really my style, colour wise, but I don’t think I have stopped using it!

Hope you’re all having a great bank holiday weekend!

Talk soon x

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