Now, I would love to tell you I’m an avid buyer of vintage pieces, but that would be a lie. I love to walk around salvage yards and antique stores but I can’t say I’ve ever bought anything. That said, I am first to beg for any old pieces my Nan is getting rid off, and so my room is full of little treasures, with some pretty cool stories as far as I’m concerned but maybe I’m biased…

Let’s begin!

As far as I know, no one knows the story behind the hip-flask, with its little cup/case. It’s covered in initials and markings, none of which I understand but it means it is probably really old… Or my uncles decided to personalise it as kids…

When I was a kid, I used to play ‘teachers’ with my friend, and we’d use the desk/chest to store everything- school books, absence notes, a whistle and pencils- you name it, we had it. Turns out my Mum did the same, as did my Nan. Most of the notes and books were written or collected by my Nan and her friend when they were little girls. The desk itself came from somewhere Eastern- where? I’m not entirely sure. Most of the ivory has been lost but the detailed carving, and velvet, still remains, as do the hundreds of pieces of paper penned over three generations!

The cardigan was knitted by my Great Gran, for my Nan- it shrunk and ended up me-sized, luckily.

I don’t smoke but the little cigarette case and match stick holder are so beautiful. The carved H, I presume, stands for Harcourt, my Great Gran’s maiden name.

The sky of the landscape frame is created using the ‘genuine wings of South African butterflies’ according to the sticker on the back- the colour changes with the angle you approach it at. The oval piece is actually embroidered. I don’t know where either of these came from though.

I don’t particularly like cut glass, but this is so pretty. I use it to store all my random cotton wool pads on my dressing table, but in reality, I’d like to use it as the fanciest cookie jar ever.

I hope you liked this- slightly different but different is good! Maybe I’ll do more things like this, but first I need to find a way to create GIFs without losing the quality of the pictures (eeeep)!

Speak soon!

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