Good evening!

It feels like it’s been forever since I sat down to write, but it’s only been a couple of weeks! I’m sorry for my disappearing act, but I have a pretty great excuse.

So, this week was my first week at work- a full on, 9-5, office job in the City of London! After about a 5 and a half months since I finished sixth form (it has been a long old summer), I have finally moved on to the next stage and I’m on an apprenticeship scheme. I work 9-5 doing digital communications in a government department, and once the paperwork has been done, I’ll start a Level 4 in PR.

I am half terrified for the next 15 months, half super excited. I think my choice not to go to university is something I could talk about for days, and I’m pretty sure I will! I withdrew a uni place, my BFF Jemima deferred her place and is on the lookout for an apprenticeship, and my fellow blogger babe and friend Sav has actually left her course at uni and has a super exciting apprenticeship starting in January! I plan to make the ‘further education choices chat a regular feature, and get Jemima and Sav involved as much as possible.

Over the next year and a bit, lots will go on (I’m going to Twitter on Tuesday, like, omg!) but I will also have loads more opportunities to blog- cute lunches, office outfits, commute entertainment…

Thanks for reading, and again sorry for my little disappearance!

Till next time…

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