I write this post as I dust off a well-deserved, post-Christmas wrapping Nandos (thanks Dad, lots of love). This particular Nandos was my first non-veggie in over a year because for the first 11 and a bit months of this year, I went meat-free.

I am an animal lover- I’ve seen Cowspiracy and Black Fish, and my childhood can be defined by the constant stream of pets I adored. I’d always wanted to do my bit and give up meat. That said, that wasn’t the only thing… “She’ll last a couple of days- at best…” was all my Nan had to say when I told her my plan for the new year. I love to prove her wrong- it’s an argumentative love we have- so I shunned sausages and bought a ton of Quorn and Linda McCartney products.

I loved it. It opened me up to so many new foods. When you walk into a restaurant and you can’t you resort to your usual of a chicken burger, you have no option than to leave… Or give something else a go (Shout out to Nandos for their halloumi and portobello mushroom burger)! I didn’t have any intentions of using my newly found vegetarianism as a way of losing weight but I definitely felt healthier.

So, I hear you say, why did you give up? In my defence, if it was up to my friends and parents, I would have stopped after a month or two, given the fact no one said how long I had to last in order to prove my point. I planned a meat feast for mid-June and then realised I didn’t want to stop. But then it happened. My appetite was gone (a story for another day) and so when I was hungry, I had to eat whatever I could. This week, it has been shortbread, on that particular day it was barbeque chicken. To be more specific, Marks and Spencer’s BBQ chicken, bacon and sweetcorn pasta salad. I left my desk, rushed to the closest food hall and bam! The damage was done.

I don’t think I have any regrets.  Today I discovered the ‘flexitarian diet’- I think this one is for me. Maybe one day I’ll just accept my weakness, maybe I will carry on reattempting forever! Who knows…

Till next time…

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