How is the Christmas-New Year slump treating you? How many boxes of Roses have you got through so far? Have you left the house yet? I’m loving this time off, approximately three and hell no.

This time last year, I wrote an Anti-Resolutions post (tl;dr? I explained exactly why all my resolutions were stupid and completely unachievable). This year-round I still don’t feel optimistic (will I ever?) but I can’t just tear down my own naive hopes again… I’ll tear down everyone else’s. Here goes…

“I’m going to eat healthier/ exercise more/lose weight/get fit.”

It is impossible. I’m not saying it can’t be done but in January? Unless you are a miracle worker, there will definitely be Pringles and party food left over in January. Also, it is dark and funds are generally low (quinoa and spin classes don’t come cheap). That brings me on to these too…

“I’m going to wake up early!”

I personally think this one is impossible no matter what time of year but January is hellish. Waking up at 6:30am feels like waking up at 3:30am… It is pitch black, cold and damp. It’s the kind of thing you should definitely sleep through. Try again in June.

“I’m going to save money.”

Nope. January sales? Christmas debt? Attempted spin classes and diet cookbooks?

“I’ll give up [the worst habit imaginable].”

I once read (I think) that if you can stop something for two weeks, you can stop forever. Have I mentioned that January is generally a bit rubbish? Nail biting, coffee, a comfort blanket… Whatever it is might just be what gets you through the stress of a New Year!

“I’m going to be more optimistic and positive!”

Read all of the above. Also, Blue Monday- the most down day of the entire year (although I’m sure it was void for 2016 because, well, the whole year sucked).

In conclusion, resolutions are cool but January is a really bad time to do anything, at all. I propose we all just stay in bed and carry on eating party food and chocolate! In all seriousness though, changing your lifestyle in January can be setting yourself up to fail, and that feels a lot worse than just doing something when you want to (I’m starting to sound like an inspirational Pinterest board now- I’ll leave!).

Have you ever stuck to a resolution? Let me know in the comments!

Till next time…

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