Things are about to get topical…

Good morning! Except it’s not good- it’s that dreaded day that comes around every now and then… A TUBE STRIKE! But not just any tube strike, it’s maybe the worst I can remember. Probably no stations open in zone one (1. that lack of certainty could be a direct quote from TfL – “eh, who knows…we definitely don’t!” – and 2. if you’re not a Londoner, zone one is where like, all the important stuff is including the building I work in so yay!), and no guarantee that the tubes will stop at stations in zone two to nine.

I’m not anti-strikes- it’s an exercise of democracy and blah blah blah but they suck. Here’s how to deal with it:

  1. Sleep right through it. If you’re not awake, it didn’t happen- a motto to live by.
  2. Get a hotel as near to your place of work/study as possible. Obviously, this would only work if you left your house before the strike started and you could afford a hotel room in London… Nevermind.
  3. Walk. Wake up at 4am, put on your Stan Smiths (v trendy with smart trousers) and make a gallon of coffee. Remember to pack blister plasters and snacks. Off you go.
  4. Sleep at the office. This one’s not the easiest when a strike starts on a Sunday, but most office buildings have showers, sofas, kitchens and coffee shops nowadays so just move in for a mini-break!
  5. Find an alternative mode of transport: rickshaw, skateboard, hot air balloon. Get creative, get outside.

I’m all out of bad advice but seriously, good luck out there. Take your headphones, a good book and a serious collection of snacks!

Till next time…

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