If you’ve never heard of fidget cubes, they are desk toys for anyone who fidgets! They are targeted at creative types and worriers, fit in your hand and offer a great little distraction when you’re trying to think or preoccupy yourself.

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a creative,  but I do find myself stressing whenever I have to brainstorm ideas for this blog, or at work. I’m also a real worrier- I spend a lot of time feeling anxious and I have panic attacks. I’m always on the look out for things that can help and I’ll try almost anything once, hence the fidget cube.

I ordered my cube weeks and weeks ago but it has only just arrived, and boy am I happy about it! There are loads of really fancy options out there- the ‘Official Fidget Cube’ is £19.99- mine, however, was £0.99… I really do spoil myself. I ordered two- one for my desk and one for my handbag. They are black matte, but there are loads of colours available, and have their own little boxes.


So how does it work? Each side of the cube has something different on it: the roll side has gears and a ball, the spin side has a round dial, the click side has five buttons, the flip side has a little switch, the glide side has a joystick and the breathe side is like a little worry stone. Some of the things on the cube make noise, and some of them are silent so you can be a secret fidget-er!

As of writing this, I’ve owned my cube for about 4 hours and I am already confident in recommending it. The cube kept me calm when on a bus full of idiots, it helped me when I had a little wave of anxiousness and it distracted me when I started overthinking stuff- God, it’s been an eventful 4 hours…

There are loads of fidget cubes available online here– take your pick!

Till next time…

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