Good afternoon!

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed my fidget cube and haven’t parted from it since. I have the cube with me at all times, and while it might be too soon to say whether it’s changed my life, I definitely think it has helped over the last few weeks.

I decided that next, I’d try tangle toys. My email was full of ‘you bought this, why not try these’ suggestions, and, being the weak little thing I am, I broke and ordered a tangle toy from The Training Shop (this post isn’t sponsored, or an ad btw).


Again, the tangle toy is targeted at creative types. From what I can tell, The Training Shop sells lateral thinking tools for… Well, lateral thinking! But tangles are generally used for calming people, and are supposedly great for strengthening the hands and fingers.

Like with my fidget cube, the tangle toy fits perfectly in my hand when it’s coiled up. It’s also lightweight and black, so it fits in my bag and it’s super subtle.

However, unlike fidget cubes, I think you need two hands to actually spin all of the individual parts so it’s not something I can use while I’m working, or in my pocket while I’m travelling.

The tangle toy is also pretty confusing in itself. I get that you’re meant to wind it up and uncoil it, but in practice I find it difficult to actually do this and make it look like it does in the Amazon pictures! Maybe that’s just me being dim though…

All in all, despite the negative tone of this post, I would recommend the tangle toy. I can see how they could help in brainstorming situations, and how they might help someone with anxiety. For me, however, I think I’ll definitely stick to my fidget cube.

Till next time…

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