This Easter, I made biscuits, cakes and chocolate bark! It went down an absolute treat, and wasn’t something I had heard of until I went deep into the foodie side of the internet, so I’ll share how I made it.


I melted two slabs of milk chocolate- I’ve said this before but it’s much easier to melt chocolate in the microwave (use a microwave safe bowl, and stop to stir regularly).

I then poured this into a baking tray. It wasn’t very deep, and I made sure not to have the chocolate too thick.

I quickly melted one slab of white chocolate (I did it in the same bowl that I had melted the other chocolate, hence the strange colour!). The intention was a marble effect, but chocolate sets quickly.

I sprinkled hundreds and thousands on top, added an egg shaped biscuit, and lots of mini eggs. The topping possibilities are ended! This tray say in the fridge over night, before being smashed to smithereens!


I would definitely make this again- it would make a cute present. Have you ever tried chocolate bark? What toppings would you recommend?

Till next time…

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