Primark is full of dupes at the moment- whether it’s gingham dresses like those in Zara, Prada style mules, a palette like Urban Decay’s Naked, lip kits that aren’t all that different from the Kylie Cosmetics ones or the shoes that look exactly like Gucci’s:

IMG_3144 (2)

The newest set of dupes is a makeup range set to rival products from Mac. Now, I have never shopped in Mac (it’s unnecessarily expensive, I’ve read enough stories about mean staff to put me off for life and it isn’t cruelty-free), so I can’t honestly compare.

I can, however, be opinionated- and that I am.


The PS… Candy range starts at £1.50 and is made up of matte lipsticks, false nails, matte nail polishes, an eye shadow palette, a mascara, a body spray, eye pigment and eyes, lip and face palette.

I haven’t got my mitts on the entire collection- my nearest Primark is generally a bit rubbish, and things like false nails aren’t very me!

The Eye Candy palette is £4 and made up of nine matte and shimmery shades. I love the variety of colours, but I’ll admit I’m unlikely to ever use the dark purples or khaki shade.

I’ll also admit I’m not great at ‘swatches’ on the best of days, but this palette wasn’t helping in any way. The eye-shadow isn’t very pigmented and so looks really faint without being layered up. Some of the shades feel more like creams rather than pressed powders, too.

That said, I am enjoying experimenting with this- using it alongside much-loved palettes from ColourPop and Kiko.

The Cotton Candy eyes, lips and face collection is £5, and made up of two highlighters, three eye-shadows and a lip creme (more on that below).

The first two swatches are the highlighters- again, they didn’t swatch all that well but I am a big fan of these shades. They are subtle but still glow in the light.

The following three swatches are the eyeshadows. They’re fairly similar to some of the colours in  Eye Candy, and I can’t imagine using all three together to create a ‘look’ but the little eyelashes are so cute!

The Super Matte lipsticks come in nude, brown and pink (pictured above), and cost £2 each. It is bright- way brighter than anything else I own. It also doesn’t go on all that well, but once it is, there’s no getting rid of it!

The lip creme from Cotton Candy (left on the second picture) didn’t impress me as much. It’s quite pale and feels quite watered down.

On a slightly more positive note, both of them smell like the lip glosses 12-year-old-me would get from Claire’s Accessories on a Saturday morning with my pocket money.


The last thing I got was Nail Candy, which was £1.50. This came in a few shades, but the nude was the only one left in my local Primark.

I have no colours like this- I am pale and struggle to find nude nail polishes that don’t look really odd on me. That’s not to say this nude necessarily works, but the almost orange tone to it makes it almost justifiable to me.

It’s an undeniably good matte polish- it dries quickly, only needs two coats and is cheap as chips!

Have you tried any of this range? Let me know in the comments below!

Till next time…

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