I’ve read some great things year and smashed my Goodreads 2018 challenge: both of Sally Rooney’s incredible novels, This Is Going to Hurt (but who didn’t read that this year?), Call Me By Your Name, an alarming amount of chick-lit… 29 incredible books I would quite happily re-read next year and the year after.

But if I’m being honest with myself, the total is probably much, much higher, because there are a lot of books I won’t add to my Goodreads – I’m friends with my Mum, her best friend and the guy I sit next to at work and have an angelic reputation to maintain.

This year I’ve read everything from contemporary romance to erotic fiction. Books that get my attention are usually only published as e-books, have covers adorned by unnaturally muscular men (topless, obviously) and will cost me absolutely nothing.

One of the first books I read this year was called P*rn Star – I’m sure you can guess what that was about. Other titles I’ve read include: One Night Stand, Emergency Engagement and The V Card.

My habit started with Wattpad when I was still in secondary school. I’d speed read One Direction fanfiction like ‘After’ and ‘Dark’, and high school romances. My best friend and I would walk to the tube comparing theories for the next chapter of ‘Omerta’ and bouncing recommendations back and forth.

I learned to skip past the spelling errors and questionable grammar (a skill that made proofreading essays almost impossible), and would wait patiently for girls just like me, all around the world, to add new chapters.

I quickly moved from sweet stories about the girl next door to tales of brooding CEOs, and then discovered iBooks. Loads of my favourite Wattpad authors were being published there but there were thousands of new stories to sink my teeth into. Don’t get me started on what Bookbub did to my addiction…

I read them all on my phone, held close to my chest with the brightness way down, but why? I love these books. Sure, they’re not at all safe for work and would probably give my grandmother a heart attack, but I love them. They’re predictable, relatable (apart from the wild and spontaneous sex, if I’m being honest) and often hilarious.

Next time someone asks me what I’m reading, I won’t think back to the last award-winning novel I read the first page of. Oh no. I’ll shout proudly I’m two books into a series about five brothers who each fall in love in wildly different ways, and yes, I would recommend it.

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