For this year’s Goodreads ‘Reading Challenge’, I pledged 30 books. Last year, I exceed my goal of 24 with a total of 32 books (though I’ve already told you, there’s a real chance this total is a lot higher because of all the smutty e-books I managed to read but got too embarrassed to add to my Goodreads).

I just hit 20 books, and so here comes another roundup. Yet again, I can’t promise there won’t be any spoilers.

Vox, by Christina Dalcher

I loved this book so much I stayed up till 2am on a school night to finish it. It reminded me a lot of Power, but if you hated that don’t let me comparison put you off – my flatmate couldn’t get past chapter 2 of Power and devoured Vox in a day.

Supper short chapters, scarily imaginable dystopia.

Dirty Little Secret and Dirty Little Promise, by Kendall Ryan

These are books one and two of the Forbidden Desires series and I gave both books 4/5. This is all information I have taken from Goodreads because, honestly, I can’t remember the story line well enough to try and sell it to you…

After rereading the blurb, and some reviews, I can say I genuinely really enjoyed these books – so much that I actually paid for the second. They’re slightly less mindless than other Kendall Ryan books I’ve read but again, definitely not for everyone!

After, by Anna Todd

The first time I read After, it wasn’t yet completed and I still wore a school uniform. It was one of the first really big stories I read on Wattpad, and when the trailer for the film adaptation came out earlier this year, I knew I had to read it in it’s edited, published, Hardin-not-Harry state.

I’m working my way through the second book, After We Collided – I think I’d forgotten just how long these books are, and how difficult they can be to read (a lot of back and forth, a lot of pointless story lines). It’s somewhat harder to read now it isn’t proper One Direction fanfiction (not that it ever really was, beyond their looks).

I have no regrets about how many times I have re-read these books since 2013, and I will 100% watch the film when it is out (whether or not I pay to see it or wait till it’s online is to be seen…)

Don’t You Forget About Me, by Mhairi McFarlane

I loved it. 5 stars. Will deffo reread it.

It is so funny, and so angry – McFarlane does such a good job of making important observations on gender politics in heterosexual relationships, making the book feel so current. I don’t think I have ever highlighted so many bits of a book before (all on iBooks – would never take a pen to paper…)

The Day We Met, by Roxie Cooper

In my last update, I was super nice about books that cover years of will they, won’t they – ‘Ten years. Two people. One epic love story.’ was all it took for me to buy this book.

I’m more on the fence with this one. The book covers cheating, in a way I haven’t really read before. There is sex (well, it’s just implied in the gap between paragraphs), but this is really about emotional cheating and how easy (or not) that is for Stephanie and Jamie to rationalise. The ending is sad, but didn’t really make me feel much (maybe I am dead inside?).

I seem to be the only person on Goodreads who gave it less than 4 stars, so maybe I am just particularly cold…

Vagina: A re-education, by Lynn Enright

I want everyone to read this. Every school and library up and down the country needs a copy. Print out chapters and leave them on the tube. Put the diagrams up on the walls of GP surgeries.

This should be essential reading for anyone – whether you happen to have a vagina or not.

I thought I knew a lot (I appear to be in the minority of women who could label a diagram of the vulva correctly) but there was still so much I didn’t have a clue about.

Loved it.

How to Marry a Billionaire, by Elise Sax

This was not so good. It was mindless, there were some great female friendships, I got big yeehaw energy (like BDE but 2019?) but I won’t be reading the other books in the Operation Billionaire series.

The Sexy One, by Lauren Blakely

Also mindless, but not terrible! I don’t think I’d read anything by Lauren Blakely, but I’ll be adding her to my list of people to check out when I need my fix of contemporary romance.

My Sister, the Serial Killier, by Oyinkan Braithwaite

The Amazon algorithm has wanted me to read this since it was published and this week I finally gave in.

Like Vox, the chapters were insanely short which meant I powered through this book.

There was something quite cold about it; sure Ayoola is the serial killer but Korede is also a little bit sinister. I found the ending a little bit odd – like the story didn’t come to a neat conclusion.

I wasn’t captivated by this book, but it was so easy to read so I’m glad I did – hopefully Amazon will get off my back now.

Thanks for reading my ramblings – it was slightly shorter than the last one but still long enough… I’ll do the next one of these when I hit 30 books.

If you’ve got any recommendations, similar to the above or completely different, let me know on Twitter @LivingRoomBlog.

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