A new, weekly feature in which I listen to Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist so you don’t have to.

I have to get this out of the way quickly, like ripping off a plaster: I don’t like the new Taylor Swift song. I won’t turn the radio off when it comes on, it might grow on me and it will definitely get stuck in my head, but I can not and will not like a song with the line ‘and you can’t spell awesome without me’. I just won’t.

Because I feel under pressure to find the positives in everything, the video kind of does it for me (in a cheesy, guilty pleasure way). I want a pastel power suit, more cats and Brendon Urie. I need her to stay away from Kacey Musgraves’ brand though.

There were, however, loads of great songs released today. Stormzy is back with the ‘Vossi Bop’ and it’s everything you could want from a Stormzy song. Lauv’s latest release, ‘Drugs & The Internet’, and ‘WOW’ by Zara Larsson are both fun and pop-y.

New girl group unperfect released their first EP ‘Yeah, Why Not’ and, is it so good – and not just because they’ve covered TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME (one of the best songs ever).

Matty Healy wasn’t messing when he tweeted that beabadoobee’s new album ‘Loveworm’ would break your heart. I’ve been told my music tastes are like that of an ultimate sad boi but this is it for me. Very good, and with very cool album art.

I’ve put all my faves (annoyingly, I only managed to cut half the original playlist out…) in a playlist here:

I’ll do this again next week!

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